'V' for the View

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One of Ørestaden’s landmarks, ‘V’ the house stands erect with its high geometric construction and distinctive balconies. Climbing up the yellow staircase to 9 Sal (owned by fashion designer Camilla Kurdahl and her family) and out onto the wedge-shaped balcony, can only be likened to standing on a ship. One is very much tempted to spread their arms and shout "I'm King of the World", for it is the feeling you get when you stand on the outermost point and feel the rush! When the couple first read about the fascinating housing project of architect Bjarke Ingels, they promptly fell in love with the idea to become holders of one of the coveted apartments. However there was the challenge that they should have enough space for their 3 children. Inside the apartment leaves you in awe of its cathedral like size, yet is bursting with light from its white interior that contrasts perfectly with the dark oak floor. Writer Pernille Bustrup.

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