Roberto Semprini, Italy

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The architect and designer Roberto Semprini is well known for his inventive furniture designs, many used in museums and galleries throughout Italy, and this is his stunning home in the seaside town of Rimini on the Adriatic coast. Minimalist and almost ascetic in feel with the pure white of the walls and rigorously pure geometries and bold designs of the furniture, Semprini’s house is brought to life by the occasional splash of bright colour, the warm accent of gold in the mirror frame or antique candlestick, the cactus in a corner, the glowing fireplace, the rococo candelabra on the table and the dark oak flooring. Any extraneous detail is suppressed; Semprini’s philosophy is to achieve the maximum effect from the minimum amount of detail and design. His home, which he shares with his wife Elena, is however eminently warm and welcoming, and the interlocking spaces and airy feel are enhanced by the openness and free flowing vistas, uninterrupted by unnecessary clutter – any object that there is appears, and is framed like, a priceless work of art. Writer Adam Butler

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