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When Sophia Runham first visited the house that is now home to herself and her family, it was so dark and derelict she could only explore the lower floors by torchlight. With the help of radical architect, Nico Rensch, it is now transformed into a light-flooded home, with a double height glass atrium to the rear and huge basement kitchen. It is a supremely practical family home, but far from cold or characterless. Both Sophia and Nico have a passion for natural materials, so floors are mainly wide oak boards which exude warmth. Sophia is half Swedish and has mixed Gustavian style family furniture with contemporary pieces to great effect. She and her husband also collect modern art, particularly abstracts. Having poured their hearts, souls and bank balances into the house, the Runhams are in no hurry to move: “I wanted something modern, timeless, elegant and classic that will look good for a long time. It is wonderful to stand here with all this fantastic light pouring in both ends of the house”. Writer

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