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Interior architect Kjersti creates interiors that most of coffee loving Oslo know by heart. Her interiors for the largest chain of coffeehouses in Oslo, Kafferbrenneriet are rather seductive, in all their simplicity. In Kjerstiís own apartment, it is obvious that neither mother nor son take themselves all that seriously. Checkered paper in cupboards and drawers or a giant collection of plastic figurines, which youíll never quite figure out who actually owns, are all elements adding up to a relaxed atmosphere in this home. Five years ago, Kjersti and her nine-year-old son Emil, moved in to this as of yet unknown gem in the middle of Oslo. The apartment the two of them share is not big, if youíre counting square meters, but Kjersti has managed to make the most out of every last one of them. "I wasnít in a position to buy a bigger place, and was looking for a place to knock down a few walls and make an open communal room. This apartment had it all!" Writer

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