Retro Style living in the Country

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Gjertrud and Dag had just managed to make their new apartment in the old-town of Oslo look ‘lived in’ enough, when they realized they were going to have their first baby. So they made the ultimate decision to swap their social lifestyle in the city, for more of an isolated ‘island living’. They remembered an old small wooden country-house painted in white they had seen a few years before on a drive down to a peninsula south of Oslo. This new labour of love needed care and attention in order for it to become a true home for a family of three. As with their previous apartment, the couple have done most of the renovation work themselves. At the same time, Gjertrud has been working on her latest business venture; refurbishing and redesigning old furniture and knickknacks and selling them through the web-shop There is a sense of humour at work in this place, something childlike mixed with an older, classical sense. Scandinavian design is definitively the main source of inspiration, says Gjertrud when asked to describe her house, which may also be associated with a bigger version of a dolls house in an ungroomed garden. Writer Elisabeth Aarhus

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