Ina's Summer House Retreat

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When the experienced interior architect Ina Janine Johnsen created her very own summer retreat on the east coast of Norway after many years of living abroad, she brought some rather foreign ideas back with her to the Norwegian seaside. The family kept coming back to their homeland for their summer holidays. Then, after having spent two weeks at eight different locations during one of their trips back home, Ina realised that the family desperately needed a place of their own. At the time, they were living in London, and while they had just had two little ones, they decided to take back the Norwegian summer.. Since then, they have all moved back to Oslo, and the cottage is now being used as a second home.† Today, the wooden buildings are painted in black, but the interiors look more like something out of a Cape Cod landscape, than a basic cabin from the fifties. Ina has also been inspired by American modernistic architecture while at the same time making use of the established Scandinavian tradition of building with wood. The active hostess, who is also a popular food blogger, has created a unique retreat which works on all levels for her family. And next to it, there is the little guest house of course. Writer Elisabeth Aarhus -

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