Catriona Stewart

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Catriona Stewart is an artist turned carpet designer. The Bothy is Stewart's summer escape in the Scottish highland, on lands that originally beonged to her family,part of the Stewart Clan. The stone built shepherd's hut was derelecit when she took it over fifteen years ago, she has put mortar betweeen the stones to keep the wind out and added an upper floor to create somewhere for her children to sleep. A tir roof keeps the rain at bay and a home-made stove provides heat. Old fishing boxes form the shelves and table top and there is no running water. Life at the Bothy, which is sandwiched between a fresh water loch and a sea inlet,is camping but not under canvas. There's plenty of fishing,hill waking, rowing in her home-made crocale boat and shirimping to be done, and days start when the sun rises and finishes when it set. Writer

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