Petra Boase

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'Call it country punk, but Boase has taken the twee out of tweeds and cottage pink florals, finally stripping away the chocolate box nostalgia of living in a small cottage, in a small village, in a remote part of the Norfolk countryside.' Petra Boase is a young designer who has spent the last eight years in Notting Hill creating gorgeously indulgent patterned notebooks, cards and photo albums, sold through independent boutiques and larger stores like Paperchase, Liberty and Selfridges. Her new home is in Norfolk, down a dirt track beside a well ploughed field, just cross country from a pig farm. There is a pink front door to her 19th century flint workers cottage and she lives here with her husband Russell Hall, and five month old daughter, Florence. She’s running her company from a freshly painted outbuilding in the garden, using local packaging firms, and the skills of local upholsterers and workers. Writer Victoria O'Brien

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