Ou Balyhodhin

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Ou Baholyodhin’s chic brand of design comes with good karma built in. Celebrity party planners, boutique owners and hip restaurateurs all go to him when they need to conjure eastern-inspired tranquillity out of thin air. And, after a day at work in his north London design studio, Thai-born Ou has his own oasis of Zen-like calm to retreat to – the pristine, uncluttered penthouse at the top of Highpoint 2, one of the iconic Thirties apartment blocks built at London’s highest point. The lift deposits you straight into the flat where you’re politely asked to take off your shoes to save the original thirties chocolate brown tiles, preserved for decades by the previous owners mercifully thick shag-pile carpets. Even if Modernist architecture doesn’t turn you on, the 360-degree views from the glass-panelled walls will – they’re jaw-dropping. Writer Tessa Williams e-mail tesspete@dircon.co.uk

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