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Notting Hill-based jeweller Fiona Knapp is well practised in the art of adornment. Her exquisite designs incorporating precious stones demonstrate an artist's sense of light and colour. Inspired by forms found in architecture, nature and tribal jewellery, her signature style is all about letting the natural beauty of the gems shine. Knapp displays a similar pared-down aesthetic at the home that she rents with her partner of eight years, fashion entrepreneur Michael Pearce – who recently bought the licence for the Biba brand. Elegantly sparse, the split level apartment occupies a 19 th century villa, "The proportions are incredible and the light just pours in. It's Grade II listed because of all the original baroque plasterwork and we just decided it needs simple, beautiful pieces and not a huge amount because the interior is just too divine," she says. Instead of cluttering the lounge and dining room, carefully selected pieces are given room to breathe; like her jewellery colour and composition is all. Strong sculptural forms are thrown into relief against neutral plaster walls… writer

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