A Huntingshe shall go..

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“Huntress of antiques” is the description given on Diana Kelly’s business card. It is more than an allusion to her goddess nomenclature; it is an indicator of the conviction, passion and energy with which she runs her business. By helping people find beautiful and characterful things with which to furnish their homes, she believes that she is, in her own small way, helping to make the world a better place. Situated in the oldest part of Seaford in East Sussex, her shop is a glittering jewel crammed with the high end of antiques at prices well within the middle bracket. Diana lives both above and below the shop; she is a confident decorator and the rooms are put together with flair and imagination - all the colours in the house were inspired from the 19th century Chinese lacquer paravent that hangs on the drawing rooms walls. She is also well skilled in creating harmony with pieces that history and geography never intended to meet: “There is nothing sadder than a Victorian house full of Victorian things, as if you have stepped into a time warp. You can express yourself with desirable things from any period - my only criteria are love at first sight, then quality and comfort. If the feeling is right, the look will follow - it arrives as if by magic. Writer helenchislett@btinternet.com

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