Cool Calm and Collected

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Stepping into Natasha Daintry’s London home is as restful as walking into a spa: all is pale, tranquil and attentive to the senses. Natasha is a ceramicist who produces fabulous glazed vessels, directly influenced by the time she spent in Japan while studying Japanese at Cambridge University. Examples of her work, both old and new, are in evidence around the home she shares with her husband, Barnaby. To an outsider coming in, there are clear parallels between Natasha’s home and her work: walls have the depth and texture of glazes; there is an eastern simplicity to the way it is furnished; and everything has been reduced down to a truly elegant beauty. Not surprisingly, she feels a wave of delight when she comes home each day from her studio: “The house makes me feel terrific the moment I walk in; it is cosy but also spacious - my very own sanctuary”. Writer

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