In Perfect Isolation

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Sitting at a table on the sun-bleached deck outside her home on the Norwegian island of Asmaløy, designer Ragnhild Wik is the picture of contentment. Her happy demeanour says it all, but it wasn’t always so – once she was a harried commuter in metropolitan Oslo. “For 14 years I worked in fashion design. My friend Linda Walsøe, whom I have known since we were students, and I would fantasise about starting our own business. Then the time was finally right, and we decided to create a range of porcelain that captured the style and nature of Norway.” When the pair launched Wik & Walsøe in 2007, it took only three years for them to become established as an international brand. But Wik found that she was still spending too long commuting from Oslo to the studio 60 miles south in Kråkerøy, so in 2009 with husband Vegard Øie and their son Lauritz, she set about finding a home in the area, part of a national park dominated by huge boulders sculpted smooth during the Ice Age. Writer

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