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Erika Barbieri and Henrik Olssøn met in Florence, Italy where they were both studying design. She was the quintessential dark and mysterious Italian girl, and he the young blonde Scandinavian boy. Now they are happily married and living it up in Oslo where they also run a merited design and branding business together, For the last few years they've been working on an old apartment in the city, and layer by layer their quest to find 'her' original features seems a never-ending endeavour. And no doubt, the apartment is a 'she'. Underneath a variety of panelling, wallpapers and shiny coats of paint, they've uncovered wonderful shades of carefully powdered pale colours. However, rest assured, this lady will not end up a museum piece. The owners are brave enough to give her a nice set of modern equipment such as a kitchen work-top carved out of marble and new clean units. In the light, airy sitting room, you find a womb chair by Eero Saarinen and a ghost sofa. Still, one might suspect that this unearthing project is but an extension of their love affair, including a third party into the mix, which by now has become their home. Writer Elisabeth Aarhus -

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