Coombe Lane

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An arts and crafts gem dating to 1910, this beautiful house had not been worked on from the day it was built until the new owners called in Orla Collins, a specialist in dynamic and luxurious interiors. The owners wanted a house that “shocks and rocks”, whilst keeping an air of sexy sophistication; as the refurbishment went on they became increasingly adventurous, allowing the flamboyant redhead Orla free rein to unleash her style and imagination. “This house is all about detail”, she explained, “everything was about creating height and drama – dropping floors and expanding windows”. Each room is exotic, dramatic, opulent, and features a variety of strong, bold colours, textures, luxurious materials and details. The main living room with its decorative ceiling is finished in an extraordinarily luscious, deep red glow with in a golden bronze and old silver frottage, the intimate library has a snakeskin floor and craquelure gesso wall along with a dramatic handmade bronze chandelier, the kitchen is state of the art with ebony units and aubergine walls. The brown and black marbles of the astonishingly opulent bathroom was sourced in Italy and France, and the master bedroom is sumptuously adorned with the purples and silvers of the silk damask on the walls, and enhanced by the luxurious furnishings, carpet, snakeskin table lamps and silver leaf consoles. A bespoke leather and lacquered walk-in wardrobe is located on the other side. The swimming pool area with rotating colour lighting completes the lower floor of the house – upstairs the children’s areas are slightly less opulent but certainly no less lavish, with gold walls, waxed stucco plastering, and dramatic colouring and lighting throughout. In this house, the enthrallingly glamorous interior décor creates however a warm and subtly individual feel, and in fact Orla was careful not to overdo the effect. It retains its arts and crafts heritage and style, albeit a very exotic one. Writer Adam Butler

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