Country House, Umbria

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Sitting on a hill above Lake Corbara, near Orvieto in the beautiful Umbrian countryside, is the house of Daniela Levy. It was built from the remains of an old church dating back to the beginning of the 1700s, with alongside a barn, set amidst a large swathe of land with over 700 ancient olive trees. Daniela strove to use only local materials and craftsmanship in the restructuring of this country house, and this can clearly be seen in the style as well as the details of the interior – terracotta tiles, antique oak doors, walls rendered with white plaster, imposing oak beams in the ceilings, natural stone and wrought iron handrails are evident throughout. The bedrooms and bathrooms are located in the old church section of the house and feature wooden flooring, marble fireplaces and cast iron bathtubs and stoves. Needless to say, the views are spectacular from the upper floor windows. The evocative stone walled kitchen and adjoining corridor links the church to the cavernous barn, which houses the dining and living areas. A massive stone fireplace, dating to the Renaissance, dominates this space, which contains various objects found in local antique markets as well as a selection of contemporary and antique paintings. Two huge semi-circular glazed doorways allow the sunlight to flood in, warming up th The bathrooms are simply decorated with antique tiles and plasterwork dotted with stones from the original walls, and in one, a large window allows for beautiful views whilst soaking in the mosaic-tiled bath. Writer Adam Butler

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