Sammy Dent

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The work of the artist Sammy Dent is vibrant and bold, and contains a rich seam of joyful sparkle – and this trait is seen also in the colourful style and vigorous spirit with which she, and her husband Martin, have decorated their house. Located in a peaceful central London neighbourhood, it is a triple lateral conversion apartment in a leafy garden square with spacious rooms and high ceilings throughout. They exploited this bright airiness to great effect, using strong colours on the walls, a rich and eclectic collection of objects and artefacts, and an abundance of earthy materials and fabrics throughout. Sammy’s dramatic and energetic paintings complement perfectly the décor, large, abstract works using strong colours offset by subtle textures but with a determined graphic intensity. There is an abundance of spacious rooms to house their family as well as a large collection of artefacts, including a twelve foot diameter wooden aeroplane propeller and an entire doorway from a Moroccan palace. It is hard to determine a single style in this spacious dwelling – at times it can appears to be redolent of by a 1970s hippy chic interior, with the low slung worn leather sofas, sometimes covered with Turkish killims or heavy throws, and collection of colourful glass bottles, sometimes almost a French country house with the pale oak wooden flooring, occasional antique furnishing, distressed shuttering, or medieval object, but the wide range of colours, tones and objects make this house firmly and uniquely redolent of Sammy and Martin’s idiosyncratic interests, personal styles and travels, a unique, bright, happy and inspirational dwelling. Writer Adam Butler

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