Mortar House, Italy

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The contemporary artist Silvia Morera lives and works in this spacious apartment located atop an imposing art nouveau building in the very heart of the Eternal City behind the Castel Sant’Angelo. In this veritable oasis of peace and tranquillity Silvia and her two delightful young daughters, has made a comfortable family home far away from the noisy, busy streets and pollution below. The interior is quite austere and classical, but the tall ceilings and formal layout is counterbalanced by Silvia’s contemporary artworks, which impart a fresh, modern style to the entire house, and the minimalist furnishings help retain a sense of pureness and elegance. The rooms of this apartment are arranged around an open and surprisingly large patio terrace, filled with tall plants and trees in large terracotta vases and jars, Afghani lounge beds, and a table to have coffee on, to read at, or for more formal dinners. The living areas are cleanly and elegantly furnished, allowing them to be used also as showrooms for Silvia’s art. The private areas are more luxuriously appointed, although similarly sparsely furnished in keeping with the entire style of the apartment. The kitchen is small but functional, but with a wide glass door that opens directly onto the terrace; a very convenient feature when dining outside, a romantic experience beneath the stars and the flickering light of the copious candles and Moroccan lamps. Writer Adam Butler

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