21st Century Cotswolds

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Building their own home allowed the Wild family the best of both worlds – a traditional farmhouse façade and hi-tech glamour within. “Plots in the Cotswolds are like hen’s teeth,” says interiors and silverware designer J.B. Wild. “But we’d had a tip-off that this one was coming up for auction: 130 acres of fantastic land, with beautiful hedges and all well maintained. It had been in the same family for 90 years and we were lucky enough to get it,” she exclaims, still delighted at this piece of good fortune. Just a stone’s throw from Bourton-on-the Water, a village voted one of England’s prettiest, J.B., her husband, Chris, and their three children had nabbed themselves an idyllic spot – and one on which their dream to build their own home could be realised. The fact that Chris is a residential property developer was a bonus. His company, Wild Projects, specialises in new building techniques, both high-tech and eco-friendly, and he’s incorporated many of these into the build. “It’s great to be able to give new technology a go,” he says. “The house is best described as Georgian farmhouse in style, but given the levels of insulation and airtightness we’ve achieved, it’s cutting-edge in function.” Writer Ruth Corbett ruth971@btinternet.com

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