Prada House

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Enrico Galliani of Galata Studio Architects was called in to refurbish and restore a spacious triplex apartment in London’s elegant Kensington quarter for an Italian/American couple and their young daughter. The project involved tearing out all the interior walls and opening up the layout in the living area – thereby maximizing the light and vistas across the room and the kitchen - as well as forming a new master bedroom suite and creating a playroom on the top floor with a small outdoor space.   The restoration works extended to the staircases, carefully replicating the windows, and reinstating the original cornices throughout. The clients – who both work in the fashion and design world - were fully involved in the selection of fittings and materials, from the light features and wallpapers to the stone works carried out by a specialist company, which brought in from Italy specially cut extra large granite slabs for the bathrooms. The final result is a wonderfully spacious and airy apartment with ingenious use of the interlocking spaces on different levels, furbished in an elegant yet eclectic style, all forming a comfortable family house which is also perfect for entertaining.

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