Time for change

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When it comes to planning a new kitchen, there are many things that might be the starting point for the design. Not very often, however, is this a vintage railway station clock, but that’s exactlywhere Jeanne and Tim Flynn began. ‘The clock dictates everything,’ says Jeanne with a laugh. ‘Tim bought it years ago from a London antique shop and it has become a much-loved family heirloom. Wherever we go, the clock comes with us.’ With the clock in tow, the couple, their four children Jack, 13, Chase, 11, Zoe, 10 and Grace, 8, plus Cosmo the Golden Retriever, recently returned from a stay in Barcelona. Moving back into their Victorian home in Southwest London, they were faced with a kitchen of wall-to-wall wood units and dark green marble countertops, so Jeanne decided it was time for a change. ‘We were ready for something fresher and brighter,’ she recalls. While Tim was busy having the clock re-wired after its Spanish sojourn, Jeanne met up with Vivienne Warman, designer at Kitchen Co-ordination. ‘My brief was for something light in colour with a modern feel and hard wearing qualities –with four kids about, it had to be able to withstand heavy use,’ she says. ‘It also needed to have plenty of storage and, of course, to fit around the clock.’ Writer Amelia Thorpe.

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