Sitting on the dock of the bay

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The young couple are both estate agents, Kristin and Erlend were living it up in Oslo when they decided to give the whole city-life the cold shoulder and embrace country living. So they sold up everything and left Oslo behind with it’s scatterd coffee bars and glorious bustle. The two of them have recently finished the wooden house of their dreams, and are now settled in with two mini me’s.. Now, they feel like they have replaced the perspective of a bird, looking down towards the Oslofjord, with a complete close up on Steinsfjorden. Indeed, Kristin actually grew up a few minutes up the dirt road on her bike, and there are other towns and cities closer by to explore. They can even just sit and have a double espresso made from their own machine in the morning, enjoying the views sitting on their newly built doc. Writer Elisabeth Aarhus

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