Homemade Christmas with a Bang

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At the Bang family home, Carsten, Gitte, and their two girls, Cecilia 14 years and Sofie 10 had become weary of the stylish Christmas where everything must match. Instead, they have embraced a decor with all sorts of colourful Christmas decorations; which assumes that anything fits together. Now, they use as many different colours and keep things as fresh as possible. ??When the family prepare for Christmas, they start with gluing, cutting, knitting and sewing at the beginning of November. The Christmas cake, muffins and cake figurines are baked to really get into the Christmas mood and get the taste and feel of Christmas. Cake tasting happens while they make ornaments consisting of hearts, angels, banners, monsters and advent wreaths. Homemade Christmas gifts for themselves, each other and the rest of the family are created. Cecilia and Sofie also make brooches out of small pieces of fabric in various colours, patterns and decorate them with beads. With a lot of colourful homemade decorations, the family and their grandparents have a Christmas more exciting and full of fun.

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