A Christmassy Apartment

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The tour through the hilly, snow-covered landscape in North Copenhagen adds to the anticipation before you reach Rikke Gransøes Christmassy apartment. Everything lives up to expectations as you see the welcoming home and are invited in by the charismatic and happy jewellery designer in the door. Rikke Gransøe is the owner of the store Me & Audrey where the style of jewellery is feminine, exclusive and fairytale and uses both stones and diamonds. The low ceiling with exposed beams, dark wooden floors and furniture throwing off a cosy atmosphere and the large family kitchen and living room in a light and delicately decorated for Christmas, leaves you in no doubt that it is now Christmas again. Rikke also likes to decorate the shop windows in her ultra-feminine style that fits with her preoccupation of dealing with the refined details and the elegant whole.

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