Paris Match

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When fashion consultant Corinne Delattre walked into the space that was to become home to her and her two sons, she knew immediately it was where she wanted to live. The building was only a shell, but the proportions were pleasing with classically high ceilings and tall windows. The apartment is just 100 square metres, yet into this she had to squeeze a living room, dining area, kitchen, study space, bathroom and three bedrooms. She was also determined not to ruin the natural proportions of the architecture. A friend recommended she talk to interior designer Francois Champsaur, who is a master of small spaces. Once the space had been ingeniously divided into rooms, there was a blank canvas of predominantly wood. Corinne then set to work adding colour - art, rugs, books, objects collected from her travels and boldly painted feature walls established her own personality. As she says: “For me colour is life". Writer

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