The house of the future

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Designed by an architect enthusiast, this town house is a technological innovation and located in the heart of Chateau-Thierry, it does not go unnoticed. Rebuilt on the ruins of an ancient house of shoemakers, it stands a tall facade of glass and wood. An amazing project designer, Eric Pace first took a contextual approach: the house is part of the Church of St. Crispin; although the outside has evolved into a modern house it was necessary to integrate the site. The habitat itself is spread over three floors: kitchen and dining-room, living room, bedroom and bathroom; the parts are connected by an interior staircase. Very pure design, the furniture is a natural in this high-tech atmosphere. "You can always make improvements for this type of habitat" and Eric Pace does not lack imagination. The evening's light sensors not only control the lights but also close the shutters to carefully preserve the privacy of any guests. Writer Christine Besson -

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