Parisienne Loft

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The owners of this loft are both architects who work well together as well as separately. A year of renovation work enabled them to transform this former workshop: the vast basement became their offices and they kept the ground floor for their living space. They retained the original outside structure, a long street facade with full height windows, so typical of industrial premises. "This work is more interesting because it required more thought from us!" “From these 80 m2, we feel we tried to get the best solution.... a smaller space forces you to find creative storage tricks.” They also wanted to keep a certain purity of lines, and cleverly incorporated large cupboards into walls, as well as in the metal staircase. The kitchen is also finely worked and to save space, the architects decided to create a mezzanine level. With distinct areas for night and day, it is an easy-to-live in Parisienne loft. Writer Christine Besson -

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