Feminine and Modern

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The fashion designer Eymele Burgaud’s creations are both ultra feminine and modern, sophisticated and refined. This same frame of mind and subtle lines we can find in her apartment because it also serves as a showroom. Some and a "We were looking for somewhere bright that would combine a place of life and work. When we visited the apartment we found it extremely dark and very 1970s... but we also quickly realised what we could do. We wanted a place full of life, somewhere the gaze can circulate.”The interior is filled with an old club armchair, large white sofas, craft furniture, antiques and a leg of dummy... a little wink at Eymele’s business. Everything is concealed behind large doors and bright white or matte white. “We put a lot of thought to the choice of materials, to keep it all very clean, very air.” At the centre of Paris and its busy lifestyle, Eymele was able to create her own universe where serenity reigns. Writer Christine Besson - christinebesson@wanadoo.fr

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