Cobbled house of Provence

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A small road between Apt and Roussillon you will see the building; it already feels restored with taste. Bernard tells me about his home: “It had a crazy charm, a particular atmosphere, we couldn’t resist it! But there was so much to do... that's also the reason why it was for sale!” Passionate, he was very keen to find its yesteryear charm and for several months there were only the exterior walls left... the whole of the inside was in a state of disrepair. Retaining the original materials as much as possible Bernard has gradually re-created rooms with different levels, sizes and heights under ceilings, a wonderful work of architecture - we have the impression that they have always been like that. Renovation work led to the discovery of a fantastic “calade”, a courtyard cobbled with stones, which embellishes this mas house in Provence. Writer Christine Besson -

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