Between the sea and the green

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In southern Corsica near Bonifacio, a wood framed house is a refuge by the sea, sailing with the wind towards the summer and holidays. Placed between the sea and the green, in front of the Lavezzi archipelago, a wooden architectural home would be the dream of any sailing vacation. In the south of France, where the cliffs of Bonifacio seem to tear into Sardinia, contemporary architecture is affirmed in a functional style. With its space saving features, perspectives and scenic views, simplicity in a limited choice of colors, the scenery of nature and the sea is sufficient and always gives the feeling that the inside of the house seamlessly extends outward when all the windows are open. An exceptional hideaway or wonderful holiday home near Sperone the décor, simplicity of solid teak furniture, fabrics, and modern accessories with custom designed furnishings are in perfect harmony with the architecture. Writer Philippe Saharoff -

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