Baby, it's cold outside

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Set on the edge of a village of gingerbread-perfect wooden houses in Finland, glass designer Anu Penttinen’s colourful Modernist home is a beacon of light in this winter wonderland. Because Penttinen spends up to 13 hours a day in busy, industrial furnaces, designing and blowing glass for her contemporary brand, Nounou, as well as creating cartoonish toucans for the Finnish interiors giant Iittala, she wanted her house to be a private, personal retreat. If the landscape was wintry and grey, her home had to be filled with colour. If it was cold and dark outside, her space had to be flooded with light and warmth. And if the factories she worked in were cavernous and industrial, her home had to be small and cosy. “The walls and ceilings are white, the rest black. I wanted a monochrome palette against which I could play with colour” states Penttinen. Writer Lisa Grainger

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