Mission Impossible

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In mountainous countries it is not uncommon to see wooden houses located in places considered impossible; but this has certain advantages: you escape the neighbours and awake each day to an exceptional view. Achieving this remoteness requires finding a builder who dares to accept a mission considered impossible. Just such a challenge was found on the site of a former nineteenth century vineyard, considered unbuildable with its 45 degree slope, some of it in rock; but with an exceptional view of the entire Lake Annecy and the surrounding alpine mountains. Robert Dunoyer, son and grand-son of carpenters in Annecy, now managing the family business, decided to accept this challenge. Inventively Dunnoyer also had the business idea to deliver high end homes, keys delivered in hand, fully furnished and decorated. Dunoyer’s company caries out all the woodworking and carpentry, and also personally looks for land to build, develops the plans with the architect as well as any follow-up with his team of designers - even going as far to fit the curtains and choose the spoons! “A distinction is made in fashion ready-to-wear and high fashion, we should do a bit the same in the construction of houses.” Writer Philippe Saharoff - philippe.saharoff@wanadoo.fr

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