Simon Seigel

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Monica and Simon Siegel’s home is one of the purest examples of Californian “Case Study” architecture in Britain set in two acres of oak, Douglas firs, sycamore and silver birch outside Nottingham. By day from the road, the 1970s architect-designed home looks like an enormous glass block perching on a stone and wood base on the side of a valley. At night it lights up like a warm, glowing glass-fronted museum holding a precious collection of contemporary and retro furniture and art. The five-bedroom, two bathroom square space with its enormous open-plan living area was particularly attractive to a couple who have been collecting retro furniture since the early Eighties. As well as furnishing the space with modern mid-century classics like Eames and Jacobsen chairs, the Siegels have complemented the linear lines of the architecture with sleek contemporary pieces, mainly Italian labels such as B&B Italia and Acerbis, with Flos, Palucca Italia and Castiglioni lighting. Writer Lisa Grainger lisa-g@freeuk .com

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