What lies beneath

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Looking for a way to add space without going up or out? The Hornsbys’ home proves that underground rooms needn’t be dark or dismal Until the Eighties, the plot where David and Antonia Hornsby’s home now stands held no more than a bunch of lock-ups and sheds at the end of a row of Surrey gardens. The long, thin site was then sold to a developer, who created a split-level, one-bedroom bachelor pad. When the Hornsbys bought the place in 2009, Antonia was expecting their first child, and they were faced with the challenge of turning the limited space into a family home. A chance meeting with a friend on holiday led David Hornsby to contact interior design and architectural consultants Shed – appropriately enough, given the original use of the site. With architect Dave Dalziel, a scheme was developed to turn the part-subterranean house into a three-bedroom home with garage, and to increase the area from 175sq m to 200sq m without extending above or beyond the original footprint. Writer vinnylee@btinternet.com

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