Dramatic, modern and comfortable

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Manuel Herrera runs a building company with his brother, based in Mexico City. He chose the leafy and elegant suburb of Bosques de Santa Fé for his own house, and called in the architect firm of Guzman y Ogarrio. He wanted a house which would be dramatic, modern, comfortable as well as a hub and entertaining space for his many young friends and colleagues. The rather austere and geometric front entrance is softened by the pond lined with flowers and lemon trees, as well as the double height window and the use of different materials – wood and red bricks interspersed with the pale coloured rendered cement. At the rear, much of the wall is opened up with spacious, windows, overlooking a delightful garden with a long lap pool. Inside, a series of colourful and elegant rooms are arranged as living and dining area, looking out onto the garden but shaded form the harsh Mexican sunlight, although the use of gold leafed panels and doors help to bring the warmth of the sunshine indoors. Upstairs is the private area – with the bedrooms, a private lounge and relaxing area with television, and the bathrooms. A series of ceramic hands decorate the shelves that traverse the span of a window, and the sunlight is also allowed to create streaks of light and shade through the skylight punctuated by wooden slats in the master bathroom. Writer Adam Butler mail@adambutler.com

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