My one bed wonder

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How the Joseph Joseph designer transformed a run-of-the-mill Victorian terrace house You’d expect the kitchen of Richard Joseph’s South London home to be full of colourful pots and gadgets. After all, he is one half of Joseph Joseph, the design team behind some of the most sought-after kitchen wares, from rainbow stacking bowls to the multimillion-selling Chop2Pot foldable chopping board. But Joseph confesses that cooking isn’t really his thing. “I cook, but not to relax,” he says with a smile. “We are product designers,” he says of himself and twin brother Anthony. “Our focus is on function, to create things that are useful and pleasing to have around the home. Not fancy or decorative, just good design.” Good design is something you’ll find plenty of in the house he shares with his girlfriend, Hannah Jefferson, a solicitor. With its muted palette of relaxing colours, it isn’t “fancy or decorative”, yet still manages to be impressive. From the front, the house is part of a brick terrace, but from the back it is, as Joseph jokes, “a bit of Ibiza nestled among Victoriana”, with white-glazed Ibstock bricks creating a bright frame against the red of neighbouring houses. Writer Vinny Lee

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