Aldeburgh Cookery School

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Aldeburgh Cookery School Is located on the east side of the High Street about fifty yards south of the cinema and nearly opposite The Lighthouse restaurant. Situated in the centre of town and only yards from the beach, the Aldeburgh Cookery School was once the town's Police station. This lovely Victorian house has been converted to create a relaxed and professional environment. There is a state of the art kitchen with both modern and traditional equipment, a beautiful dinning room in which to enjoy the delicious meals and a small shop selling kitchen essentials, cookbooks, preserves, aprons and gift vouchers. A seminar room plus comfortable sitting room, where coffee, tea and cold drinks are always available, complete the premises. Thane Prince Is passionate about food and believes that cooking can and should be enjoyable. Her philosophy is that you should take beautiful ingredients, cook them simply, then sit down and share the meal with friends. A wellknown journalist, Thane appears regularly on television and has written seven books the most recent of which is, Simply Good Food. Sara Fox Is one of the most highly acclaimed chef/proprietors in Suffolk. Her understanding of local produce is unparalleled and her knowledge of techniques encyclopaedic. Responsible for training dozens of young chefs, Sara still works hands on in the kitchen of the hugely successful Lighthouse Restaurant in Aldeburgh. Whether buying fish from the beach or fruit from local farms Sara believes in using only the finest seasonal ingredients. The Lighthouse Restaurant is recommended by the Good Food Guide, the Michelin Guide and the aAGuide.

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