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Carolyn Sainsot's move from a large Georgian rectory in the sommerset countryside to a former electrical shop in the town of Burton might seem a lifestyle decision taken in reverse. But Lake House is full of surprises: behind a double shop front lies a Tardis-like space, spread over three floors, with a private, south-facing courtyard beyond. To achieve the desired neatness, the walls were painted white, and the floors either flagged or painted dove grey. The jumble of rooms, added to the house over the years, has been unified by bringing all the ceilings to the same height to create "a clear, calm, easy living space", Barnard says. Rather than deny the house's former existence, Sainsot has kept the large shop windows. They now have frosted glass, which prevents stares from nosey passers-by but lets a huge amount of light into the drawing room and dinning room beyond... Writer Caroline Donald.

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