Vive la différence

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Moveable coloured cubes, quirky 18th-century reproductions… Who’d have guessed you were in the Loire Valley? Many successful relationships are based on compromise, working around differences with a bit of give and take. But seldom are such adaptations as clearly visible as in the French forest home of Yves Legendre and Micheline Taillardat. When you first encounter the house, deep in the Loire Valley, it comes as a shock. An apparently random collection of cubes clad in pale pink, vivid yellow and grey looms out of the dark leafy woods. Strawberries nestle around the steel poles of the Meccano-type structure that anchors the cubes, sedum and grass grow on the flat roofs and fish-eye round windows glint in the sunshine. Step inside this space ship of a house, though, and despite the yellow walls, it is furnished in a classic and feminine style. A Forties Italian bed sits in the main bedroom and a pair of vintage red-leather armchairs stand up well against the vibrant background. Writer Vinny Lee -

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