Deceptively Spacious

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Located in the heart of the elegant central London neighbourhood of St James’s, this stunning and deceptively spacious apartment of Hortense and her young daughter Cosima is a unique blend of style and elegance, yet minimalist and restrained. Cool tones predominate – the pale French oak flooring and cream walls are punctuated by stark black and white silhouette paintings from the 1960s, and the furnishings are selectively pared down to the minimum: a simple red sofa, a coffee table adorned with art books, and a reclining day bed populate the living area. In the kitchen and dining area only a table and chairs are present, whilst in the kitchen everything is hidden neatly behind the cupboard doors. Lights with bright colours help to break up and dissipate this essential minimalism, and even with a round contemplation room practically devoid of anything other than a chaise longue, nowhere is this zen austerity felt as overwhelming. The master bedroom and open plan bathroom are both modern and comfortable. Writer Adam Butler

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